Bryan Tool, a veteran owned, certified small business, provides a wide array of services to clients, from machining specific parts in an assembly to manufacturing mission critical, mobile command centers for the Department of Defense.

Our expertise spans a range of sectors, from designing machine parts to consulting on and retooling complex systems for assembly lines. Bryan Tool is a full service solution shop where quality is not just ancillary, it is built into our work. Our precise attention to detail is relied upon in our inspection process where we ensure that your part meets the exact specifications required. Your part, assembly or machine must pass our high standards of quality before we turn it over to you. At Bryan Tool, we recognize the importance of safety and reliability.


Bryan Tool often provides our experienced staff with the opportunity to provide consulting support, on-site at organizations that request our assistance and advice. Our experienced team members are able to assess and evaluate production related issues and can also provide recommendations. Whether the work comes to Bryan Tool or not, we can help consult with you on your project. We work hard to intricately understand your processes and dive in to helping you get the most out of your equipment.ity.


At Bryan Tool, we are dedicated to lowering your production and labor costs through manufacturing automation and machine control systems integration. Our expertise includes PLC programming and complete factory layout and integration, which allows us to bring new life and increased reliability to older equipment using new controls. We understand how important it is for our clients to increase efficiency, decrease waste and reduce your labor and maintenance costs. With today’s technology, we are able to move from purely mechanical processes to ones that involved highly automated controls, allowing us to be able to support vast and comprehensive customer needs.


System integration provides enhanced functionality and greater understanding and adjustment to our automation controls work. This integration gives us the ability to assess capacity, collect vital manufacturing data, forecast needs, schedule projects and reduce waste materials. This information helps to grow business, save costs by reducing waste and continuously improve efficiency.


We appreciate a challenge! When you need a new piece of equipment or an existing piece to be improved, our highly trained staff will carefully listen to your needs and requirements. At Bryan Tool, we also recognize that time is money and we work to get your job accomplished in a very timely fashion, so that your work can continue. Our specialty is designing, manufacturing and assembling your custom machine. Show us your machine concept and we will work with you to build it, so that you can continue to be profitable.