In response to the unprecedented conditions for doing business during the Covid-19 virus spread, Bryan Tool & Machining is taking additional precautions to help maintain a safe work environment for our staff and customers. As we are dedicated to providing continuous service to meet our customer’s needs, we are asking all customers that need to visit our facility to please call 540-896-6758 to schedule your visit so that you may be met by a member of our team to assist you prior to entering the facility.

As a part of our EHS protocol, Bryan Tool & Machining is assessing potential impacts to our supply chain by requesting a risk assessment from our vendors. Bryan Tool & Machining will use these assessments and make any changes as necessary to mitigate possible risks of materials shortage. Furthermore, Bryan Tool & Machining has adequate inventories in stock at our location to ensure availability for machining and fabricating parts and projects.
             Presently, Bryan Tool & Machining's supply chain risk is low so there is no need to change our work processes. Should that need arise, we have contingency plans in place to keep Bryan Tool & Machining operating, and most importantly, keep team members and customers informed and safe.   

We will be providing additional information as we learn more.

Thank you,
Bryan Tool & Machining Environmental Health & Safety Team

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