Recognizing Team Members – Amanda

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Amanda Turner is a graduate of JMU with a Bachelor of science in psychology. Amanda was not experienced in skilled trades, but we ascertained she was hard working and determined.

Amanda started part time in the office doing routine filing and running occasional errands. However, when she expressed interest in working in the production area, we decided to give her that opportunity. With the help of some experienced coworkers in addition to cleaning the machines to learn what they were capable of, she learned to operate some of the machines to help complete work. Now she can work with the machinists and knows how to use the saws to stage materials.

Since joining our team at Bryan Tool and Machining about 3 years ago she has loved the variety of working in different parts of the business and particularly loves to participate in making process improvements. Recently she worked on a project that helped the company be more efficient and used our existing ERP system to double production of a machined part!

Currently Amanda is managing our shipping department and is the person responsible for all shipping and receiving which includes a challenging but crucial role of facilitating documents required by law regarding certification of high-grade materials used in government contracting.

She has been willing to do any type of work that is needed to gain a better understanding of company operations. That thirst for knowledge has also led her to take accounting classes to further prepare her for working at a higher level in the business world.

Her goal is to work in all parts of the company, and the company is open to finding the best spot for her. John Bryan, founder of Bryan Tool, strongly believed in the training and development of people with the goal of helping them be their best!