Expanding Our Facility In 2018

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Currently two additions are underway at our facility in Broadway Virginia expanding our total square footage to over 20,000sqft. The main objective is to increase our efficiency and better serve our customers in the most timely manner possible. On the western side of our building we are adding a materials receiving and inventory staging area where huge amounts of material can be kept on hand ready for use on client projects as required. Our current vertical storage will be replaced with a more easily accessible horizontal rack.The new shipping and receiving dock will be complete with a ramp allowing tractor trailer trucks to be loaded and unloaded more quickly.

The second  portion of the addition is going to be used to house our electrical division’s tools and repair shop. Our electrical capability is key to being able to fully serve our customers. All modern production equipment requires electricity to run and often complex controls that occasionally need repair or replacement.

Bryan Tool and Machining delivers solutions of all all sizes and we can now easily load them onto our truck for delivery and installation.