Elevated Work Area / Walkway

Project Summary

CEO's, Managers and Production employees can all agree that safety and ease of use are very important parts of being productive and profitable. Lost time due to accidents and excessive make ready or repair time can badly dent a company's bottom line.Keeping a business agile and the ability to adapt to a changing production area or new equipment needs is a great competitive advantage. Often equipment manufacturers specialize in their given area of expertise which is usually manufacturing the equipment they sell. Many times companies are left to their own devices on how to access a new machine or adapt it to their factory's unique site plan.

This is where Bryan Tool and Machining is able to really deliver value. Our team of engineers and project managers work closely with clients before any work begins to learn what the needs are and offer some excellent solution ideas. We visit the work site, review plans provided to us and even communicate with equipment vendors to make the entire process as seamless as possible. All the way to installation our crew strives to leave each client ready to implement what we deliver and hit the ground running!

Bryan Tool provides Turn Key solutions for various manufacturing environments. Our latest project is designed to provide easy and safe access for technicians to both run and service a piece of production machinery. We carefully engineered this elevated work area to be extremely strong and durable while remaining easily moveable for maintenance or other access. After learning what our client's needs where and visiting their factory to gather specific site information we presented the ideal design. After acceptance, our fabrication department skillfully brought the design to life.

If your factory or manufacturing environment has a need for gaining efficiency, accommodating or accessing a piece of equipment don't hesitate to call and begin that conversation.


Project Photos