Church Steeple Project

When Keezletown United Methodist noticed their church steeple needed to be replaced they called Bryan Tool & Machining.  Even though the existing one was only around 11 years old, due to construction defects it was falling apart. The church was looking for a company that could help with the entire process including removing the old one, disposing of it, then designing and building a new one.

Providing turnkey solutions is what we do best, and our team was more than up to this challenge. Using specialized design software, Scott Grove produced plans for a new steeple that the church felt would look good atop of the bell tower. After the design was approved our fabricators went to work bringing the drawings to life. Several days later there was a completed steeple top ready for powder coating lying on the floor of our shop. Good thing we have a big shop, steeples take up a lot of room!

Powder Coating Solutions in Waynesboro Virginia did an excellent job applying a gray powder coating. Powder coating has many unique characteristics. It’s a tough and chip resistant finish with even thickness over all. There are no drip marks, softened edges, and it resists corrosion. Powder coating also resists UV rays, which makes for a long-lasting gloss. The FDA has also approved some colors for use around food surfaces.

Once Powder Coating Solutions had finished their work we carefully loaded up the finished product and transported it out to the church building for installation. It looks great now and this one will last for many years to come. They really did a spectacular job.

At a height of 16 feet and weighing over 800 lbs. this massive steeple needed to be installed by a capable crew. C & E Carpentry based in Keezletown was selected to handle rigging and final installation. The video on this page condenses the hours of work required into only one and a half minutes and it’s neat to watch.

On installation day lots of folks turned out to witness the spectacle of hoisting the new steeple into place high atop the bell tower. Special thanks to Jason Armentrout also of Keezletown who stopped by with his drone and so kindly allowed us to use his aerial shots in our video.