Bryan Tool’s New CNC Lathe

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A few examples of some of the detailed parts made on the lathe.

In today’s world, keeping up with demand through production is a battle within itself. At Bryan Tool we believe in advancement to build and grow our business to better serve the customer. We have recently added a new top-of-the-line CNC lathe – The Haas ST-35Y; to our production facility.  The Haas ST-35Y lathe brings exciting new features and capabilities to our production floor. This includes an automated bar feeder for continuous production, Y-axis milling, drilling, and tapping for increased machine capabilities. The lathe also offers a two-stage automatic parts catcher allowing the operator to run a separate machine while the Haas ST-35Y completes a production run.

What does that mean for the consumer? With the improved ergonomics for everyday operation, the improved chip evacuation, and increased z-axis travel; we can now offer a quicker turnaround time, improved accuracy and larger quantities of a production run all with one machine. Let us know how we can be the solution to your production parts problems today.